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This is story about a superior and an employee. From this drama, we would like to show you how to make a good team work and how we can understand each other. It’s not only about job but it is also about heart.


Heri   : hei dendi, what are you doing? Wow!! You have the new laptop. It’s very good, where you got it?

Dendi  : hei, what’s up?? Please leave me alone, I don’t want to meet somebody bow

Heri    : what happen to you?? I’m just coming and say “hello” to you and you want me to go now, why? I have bad news, this is very important, this is about your job.

Dendi : you don’t see me???!!! I’m very busy, I need full my concentration, I must prepare the budget for next year. If you disturb me, I will not finish the budget. So leave me alone!!

Heri     : I don’t mean to disturb you, I just wanna………

Dendi  : what do you say? You don’t disturb me?? You come in my room, you talk to me and I lost my concentration. This is about figures and I need full concentration.

Heri   : I have a room too, just like you and you always come in my room and talked about something you loved, your girlfriend, and everything about you, and you know what? I never say like you did. My job is harder than you and I always give my time when you need.

Dendi : this is me, and different with you. So please do what I say, leave me alone. I don’t have time anymore.

Heri   : your job is not only about preparing the budget but also you must type the letters for mr. Anwar, musn’t you?

Dendi : I really know about about my job. But it’s done. Now, I want to prepare the budget. So, I need my focus

Heri   : hei, I know you older than me. But we must be professional. This about job. I know who you are and you know who I am. I ‘m your superior. If you do a little mistake I must tell you. Because you are my responsibility. Do you understand?

Dendi  : ohh..,, because you are my superior so you can disturb me when you want, right?

Heri     : please don’t think like that. I’m here to tell you about your mistake. I don’t mean to disturb you.

Dendi  : allright I’m sorry. I can’t controll my self. I’m just so tired thinking about this budget.

Heri     : yes, I know about that. That’s the risk as an accountant. So take a seat, control your self and listen to me. Did you type this letter ??

Dendi  : let me have a look at it first. This is one of letters I typed this morning. What is the matter with this letter?

Heri     : before you know the problem, let me test you first. How do you spell the word “success”?

Dendi  : what are you talking about? Is that necessary?

Heri     : ya just answer. How do you spell the word “success”?

Dendi  : “success”

Heri     “ are you sure with double “C” and double “S” ?

Dendi  : yes, I;m sure. Actually, what’s going on?

Heri     : one more question. How do you spell the word “bussineess”?

Dendi  : “business”

Heri     : that’s right. I think you have good spelling.

Dendi  : yes, I am.

Heri     : back to problem. Didn’t you check the spelling of the words you typed?

Dendi  : yes, I did. I have cheked them all. And I’m sure about that. Is there any mistake?

Heri     : yes, there are some mistakes in typing the words.

Dendi  : what???? Are you serious?

Heri     : yaa, look this word. How do you spell the word “occasion”?

Dendi  : “occasion”. The word is spelt with double “c”.

Heri     : are you sure? Do you have a dictionary?

Dendi  : yes I have. What for?

Heri : you should better check it up in a dictionary. Mr. Anwar won’t sign it if the spelling is wrong. He always ask me to check everything for him.

Dendi: allright. This is my dictionary, an international dictionary. I have been using this dictionary since I was still a senior high student. Let’s have a look at the word “occasion’

Heri   : Ok

Dendi : here it is “occasion”. It is exactly like the way I typed it. This word is spelt  double “c” and double “s”. isn’t it?

Heri   : yes, you’re right. What about the word “necessary”?

Dendi: here it is “necessary” is spelt with single “c” and double “s”.

Heri  : are you sure? You know, according  mr. Anwar, the spelling is wrong. He said that the word should be spelt with double “c” and single “s”.

Dendi: did he said that? He is wrong actually. If I were you, I would show him this dictionary. Because dictionary never lie.

Heri : yes, you’re right. Dictionary tell the truth. You had better show him your dictionary. Because this is your job. I’m just check it.

Dendi: yes, I think I have to show it to him. I know it is an important letter. When I am not sure about the spelling of a word. I always look up this dictionary. Wait a minute, does he stay in his room this time?

Heri   : good question. I’m afraid he going to canteen for lunch.

Dendi: can you call him ?

Heri   : allright..

Dendi  : use this phone!

Heri     : he doesn’t answer. Maybe you’re right. you want to try?

Dendi  : what is the number phone?i’m forget it..hehehe

Heri     : are you kidding me??? You don’t know mr.Anwar’s numbers?

Dendi  : no, no  I;m serious. I’m forget it.

Heri     : 164260

Dendi: he answer my call. “ hello mr.Anwar, may I come to your room now? I want to talk to you about the letters I typed this morning. Ok sir”.  “yes sir, he with me now”( Dendi Talk to mr. Anwar  by phone).  heri he want to speak to you.

Heri     : “hello mr.Anwar. this is heri. Allright sir,”

Dendi  : what happen, heri?

Heri  : I gotta go now, he ask me to check our products. Don’t forget to show him your dictionary after you have prepared the budget. Thanks for your time.

Dendi: I will. Heri wait!!!! I’m sorrys about my word. Thanks for reminding me about everything I do, and thanks for understood my felt.

Heri  : yaa, no problem. I know about how you feel. Don’t forget, we are a team. We must have good corporation and oen thing that is very important is that we must understand each other. It’s not only about job but it is also about heart.

Dendi  : understand each other. That’s all we do from the beginning.right?

Heri     : we are

Dendi: you’re good superior. I;m very lucky to have a superior like you. You always give me motivation when I go down. Thank you.

Heri   : you’re welcome, dendi. I appreciate that


That’s the end of story. Finnaly dendi realize if we can understand each other, everything we do is gonna be fine.





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